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oelheld U.S. introduces AirForge 4027



oelheld U.S. introduces

AirForge 4027

The clean lubrication revolution for every forging operation !

AirForge 4027 is a newly developed protective lubricant for hot forging of steel and alloys. It delivers outstanding results where metal protection against oxidation, gas diffusion and heat is required. Revolutionary is the fact that AirForge 4027 is colorless and does not contain graphite. It provides the much desired clean work and shop floor conditions most plant managers are yearning for.

AirForge 4027 is supplied as a concentrate and diluted with water. Once mixed, it is applied to the mold where it cools the die and keeps heat in the work piece. The product provides excellent results in a wide range of operations, even on challenging work piece shapes. It is free of lead or any other toxic components and does not contain solvents.

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